Health Safety and Enivironment Policies

Health Safety And Environment Policies (HSE)

We believe that an organization should address both economic as well as social posture of a system once it has to be recognized a responsible one. These responsibilities include interactions based on health and safety of the people and environment in which it is embedded. MFT is committed to bear what it takes to be embellished responsible and our course of practice justifies our policies which include:

  • Legal conformance to laws and regulations
  • Minimization of employee, environmental and public risks
  • Consistent and timely validation and updating of HSE policies
  • Strict adherence to employee safety guidelines
  • Continuous monitoring to prevent occupational hazards
  • Reverence for habitats, ecosystems and cultures
  • Enforcement of HSE compliant collaborations
  • Detailed documentation of company performance in HSE related concerns
  • Committed to provide healthy work environment
  • Investigation and prevention of hazardous accidents

Company’s commitments to HSE Policies

Maintaining a safe environment is a constant process that requires close monitoring and control. Identification and elimination of risks are the two most important activities included in the process. This way MFT constantly maintains a safe distance from all hazards and so is committed to:

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