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Far beyond Success

MFT has been the undisputed leader in off-road Transportation service sector of UAE. MFT was born in 1976 and played pivotal roles during transformational phases of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In the years of rapid urbanization that followed, MFT took hold of the situation and identifying its purpose, contributed necessarily to UAE’s radically changing industrial sector. The company monopolized a part of the industrial service sector with a niche of off-road transportation services when pioneering was the field. The pioneers outgrew its visions to become the most popular name in its domain.

MFT’s operations are mainly focused on oil fields. The firm took form with deep anchors in Abu Dhabi and other onshore oil field regions like Abshan and Asab. Abu Dhabi had been gaining momentum since the Emirate’s adoption of liberal economic policies which lead to its emergence as one of the fastest growing global cities in the world. The capital downpour that followed gave rise to a plethora of industries spread all over the place and thus ascent the need for quality and uninterrupted off-road transportation services. MFT, acknowledging the cue, took advantage of the peak, to write not one but many success stories and marking many milestones on its course of evolution.

At present, with more than 40 years of experience, MFT has the men, machinery and expertise to take up and deploy heavy duty transportational services, construction of access roads, rig moves and more. Through its course, the firm has defended with unwavering fortitude, the virtues it maintains. The well-equipped, seasoned crew has been the cornerstones to company’s towering heights. The company’s health, safety and environment policies are designed such that the crew stay healthy through the entire span of service.


‘Consistent escalation and global disposal of company services to complement transportational essentials of the industrial world’
MFT since its emergence has been working to ensure integral and essential contributions towards the economic proliferation of UAE. We exist to enrich her on the urban course of realization of developmental goals through facilitation of refined and comprehensive services in Industrial support sector and thus to rise in unison

Our Vision

‘Seamless transport, day-in and day-out’
MFT aspires to be a part of UAE’s exponential growth by providing consistent round the clock services to the rising industrial support needs of the nation. Being pioneers, our subtle but crucial contributions in the field, work in a direction that can radically accelerate the country’s industrial motives.

Our Strong Values

Service Excellence

We are dedicated to bring you impeccable services
round the clock.


Quality of service is an indication of integrity of the group and we strive everyday to bring you the best of now.

Team Work

We are many, working together in harmony to manifest as a
single entity.


We are obliged to constantly implement the reforming global standards and practices into our course of action.

Our Team

MFT employees work in a well-established delivery model which takes safety as the prime concern. All our employees go through training on health safety and environment policies for maintaining a safe and secure workplace. We ensure complete client satisfaction through timely deliverance, feasible working models and professional client relationship. Our task force is experienced in the diverse branches of the heavy duty transportation, construction and large-scale rigging sectors.

We, at MFT, make sure that our employees are happy and motivated through our well-planned career growth plans which direct towards the collective growth of the organisation.

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